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with our music we want to draw attention to problems that matters to all of us. the nature that surrounds us, the air that we breath, the world we live in are special things that we take for granted. but…

our mountains of trash and plastic will stay on this planet for decades.

our air we breath gets polluted more and more.

our flora is dying for no other reason than profit and greed.

our own behaviour and actions can increase the chance of natural hazard events.


if you want to work against this, every little thing helps. no one is perfect.

but you can go to local markets or shop as package free as possible.

you can ride a bike or take the bus or train instead of the car or at least form carpools. reduce your amount of animal products in your diet. support local shops rather than shop in the internet all day. use green energy.

every little thing works. no one is perfect.


we as a band care for the environment and what we as humans leave on this planet

and we hope you do too.

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